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Anandji's DSN Course Notes

What is the DSN course?

DSN, in the Art of Living world, is sometimes jocularly referred to as "door se namashkar" or "Don't say no!", and that is not without reason.

The course is a 4 day, 16 hrs a day, hard core course to accelerate your growth as an individual, and hence help the society you live in, to grow. The course is tough, to say the least, and is intense hard-work. It challenges some of the very assumptions we come to the course with, and causes significant shifts in the thinking and perspectives of the participants. It brings you face-to-face with some of the unpleasant aspects of your life, your fears, your relationship-troubles that you had chosen to suppress.

The course is not lectures! In fact, lectures are very small part of the course. The intense yoga and pranayama sessions are physically challenging, leading the way to mental and emotional awakening. And the real-world situations created and discussed in the course, the role-plays, the requirement to consider other better (but not necessarily comfortable) alternatives, takes your growth to a new trajectory.

Most participants come out of the course physically and mentally rejuvenated, committed to their goals and the upliftment of the society they live in. The courage and motivation they have thus gained keeps them going full-throttle for months to come! They feel the "bliss of the Master" everywhere.

One of the primary strengths of the DSN course is the social and networking element. I am surprised at how many of the DSN alumni continue to be in touch with each other years after the course is over and reminisce about the course and Anandji. I can recognize most of the participants I did my DSN with, and invariably comment about the great experiences we had during the course.


The following are some of the points that I could recollect from Anandji's DSN course that we attended in Dahisar, Mumbai (DSF, Anand Nagar), between 13 - 16th Nov 2008.

They have been recorded here in a very concise form, at times intentionally cryptic, so as to be useful as a refresher for the participants of Anandji's DSN program. Care has been taken not to make this page a self-contained alternative to the DSN course, since the author firmly believes that you cannot get even minuscule benefit from a third person account of what the DSN course is all about - you have to undergo the course to be able to change your life!

  • Dr Ching Pong
  • Zak.zak..zak...zak....zakkaasss!!!
  • Got it?!?!
  • You can get down only before the plane takes off. Once the plane takes off, you can only get down at the destination.
  • Extension of an individual is the family. Extension of the family is the society. Extension of the society is the Divine Society (the Divya Samaj)
  • Rock Solid
  • Share karo, sher bano
  • Share with EAF
  • Circle of comfort/courage
  • Pressing the "buttons" and distributing "remote controls"!
  • Label
  • The simple question to be used when making any difficult decision - is it good for me in the long run?
  • waain-waain waain-waain
  • sochne ka nahi...bas karne ka. Munna Circuit example. Pappu log bas sochte hain...winner log karke dikhate hain.
  • Pappu log excuse dete hain, winner log results dete hain
    Bhai ne bola hai na, toh dimaag nahi lagane ka!
  • bina charge ka cellphone!!!??? :-)
  • Smiling person - product complete.
    Non smiling person - work in progress.
    Sad person - manufacturing defect.
  • andar YES hai to baahar bhi YES hai...andar NO hai to baahar bhi NO hai.
  • Madan Mohan Malviya - Sharm to mujhe is baat ki aati hai ki woh marne wala bhi jaate jaate kuchh deke gaya...aur is jinda aadmi ne kuchh nahee diya!
  • A question mark becomes a hook in your mind. Once you replace the question mark with an exclamation mark, it becomes a pillar, of strength! So the 6th Sutra of AOL is "Oho! Aise bhi log hote hain!!!!".
  • Before DSN - Oh God, why me?? Why not my neighbour??
    After DSN - Oh God! Try me!!!!
  • 3 tips for losing weight
  • Thinking of past brings tears, Thinking of future brings fears, That is why present is so dear
  • Guruji's explanation on the reason for depression
  • Importance of seva / service
  • Sadhana gives energy, energy makes more seva, more seva makes deeper sadhana, which inturn gives more energy...
  • A course that gives you Padma, Sadhana, and Shanti - what reason to not do this course!!!
  • Importance of Ashtavakra Gita, and the right procedure for its study
  • Take over a role, give 100% and let go
  • LG = LG
  • Engine or Bogie?
  • Knowledge should be taken in the way it is conveyed; Not in the way it is convenient
  • Results are 1% technique, and 99% grace of the Master
  • If you respect the technique, the technique will respect you
  • Case study of the person with Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Power of "Om Namah Shivay" - Ravan's throne was on a dias,  which could be reached by climbing 9 steps - each step indicating one of the navagraha.
  • Padma Sadhana - password to the internal energy
  • The concept of collective intelligence (which comes into play when you had made your 100% efforts, and then you
  • Guru stories:
    - tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam
    - are those models more beautiful than me
    - 25th silver jubilee celebrations - awesome!
    - Guruji, will you sleep with me?
    - Guruji, will you marry me?
    - Oh ho! Now people are using me as a transport coordinator also!
    - India in 2016
  • Mahesh Giriji was Peethadheesh for 20 years, and his experience on the first day of Kriya!
  • Mahesh Giriji's accident on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway - dekho, bacha liya na!
  • The architect knows his design well!
  • The story about the cruise
  • The most amazing thing about Guruji is his level of consciousness! A devotee experienced this on his request and by Guruji's grace, and later explained the experience as that of being a very busy telephone exchange where all lights are constantly flickering and you are frantically busy patching the connections!
  • Having is one thing, realizing what we have is another!
  • Yeh dharti kisi ka rin naheen rakhti - tum ek daana doge, woh 100 dana waapis degi. Tun 100 dana doge, woh 10 hazaar
    dana waapis degi!
  • Very innovative use of the Durga invocation prayer:

Jaago jaago maa
Jaago jaago maa
Jaago jaago maa janani
Jaago jaago maa janani
Jai Durga devi, Ranchandi devi
Jai Durga devi, Ranchandi devi
Shiv-ramana jaago maa
Shiv-ramana jaago maaaa...


  • Aska lakdi lakda lakda. Hupta lakdi lakda lakda

The following photo is one of my most prized  possessions - the picture of Anandji, with my then 10 month old daughter, on an off-classroom visit to the Kanheri caves in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai, on 28th Dec 2008.

You can view the complete photo album of the visit here.

A beautiful video - which essentially is just a collection of some wonderful photos of Anandji - on and off his Art of Living courses - is also worth a viewing:

The following is the snap I took of Anandji conducting his DSN session:

Anandji conducting his DSN course

Social bookmarks for Anand Rajendran ji:

Anandji can also be tracked from his FaceBook profile here and a popular blog about Anandji's courses is available at Wordpress here.

Anandji can be reached on his mail id anand@artofliving.org

Anandji's birth date falls on 17th Feb, the exact date when AOL commenced its 3-day celebration of its 25 year anniversary in 2006. Video giving a glimpse of the scale of this event can be found here.

A devotee has also created a personal website for Anandji, the most important feature of the website being Anandji's schedule tracker. You can know when and where Anandji be at any point of time, and what course he is conducting.

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