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Tools of Trade

       THREE Quick Tips for Taking Those Great Photos

  • Go 3 steps closer: Many of the otherwise great photos are spoiled when the photographer shoots from a distance, thus hurting the image composition and losing out on the valuable details
  • Shoot 3 times more: Now with digital cameras being commonplace, this one should be no problem. The advantage of this is that you should be able to later pick and chose which photos to retain for future use. And amazingly, all 3 photos you shoot will have different details, when you look closely on your computer screen
  • Chose +0.3 eV more: When in doubt, chose for an exposure value of 0.3 more. That way you will always ensure that the photos are bright enough for viewing the details and printing. Too many otherwise great shots are spoiled due to low exposure values.



Most of what you see on these pages have been shot using the following cameras that I have possessed at different points of time

Aspiring for:

Nikon D200
SONY Cybershot DSC H20

Current camera:

SONY Cybershot DSC W 100, 8.1 mega pixel digital camera, with 3x optical zoom, and with video recording with sound

Earlier ones:

SONY Cybershot DSC P41 - 4.2 mega pixel digital camera, without optical zoom, with sound-less video recording

SONY Cybershot DSC P21 - 2 mega pixel digital camera, without optical zoom, without video recording














Tools of Trade
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