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Our journey from the Limmen village (for visiting the Bloemendagen Limmen event) had then carried on to the
Voelendam and Marken villages further east of the country. They are both essentially fishing villages, with the main
attraction being the local Dutch culture and the beautiful wooden houses, made almost exclusively of wood and
normally painted green. Marken was an island until 1950 when a dyke was built connecting it to the mainland, and
now it is possible to drive, or cycle, all the way upto Marken.

Volendam is quite a popular tourist attraction, due to its old fishing boats and the traditional Volendam costumes
still worn by many of its inhabitants. A visit to these two villages, practically adjacent to each other, provide you with
an idea of a typical Dutch fishing village, and how quaint and beautiful village life can be. And if you fancy eating some
fresh catch, like smoked salmon, you can savour it in one of the many eateries lining the waterfront in Volendam.


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