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Over the years, I have created some Tandem related stuff which may be (or may not be!) useful to you. Feel free to have a look, and let me know any comments you may have by contacting me.

Please note that everything is provided here on an as-is basis, and the author does not accept any liability, whatsoever. Though your comments may help make things better.

(I am looking for a volunteer (credit will be given!) to update and maintain this sheet. If interested, please contact me.)

  • NetBatch Tutorial - A simple "for-dummies" tutorial on NetBatch

  • DIR (C source) - A free source program from Alex Lewandowski. Lists all files matching a file template in a fully qualified (with volume and subvolume names) format. Instructions for usage and compilation included in the code

  • SERIAL (C source) - A free source program from Alex Lewandowski. When compiled and run, shows you the serial number of the Tandem system hardware.

Coming soon! The Tandem Computer online quiz - an amazing to test and refresh your knowledge of Tandem Computers!

If you would like to contribute your stuff to this page, you can contact me by clicking here.

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