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I have come across the following non-HP sites and they are good places to start when you are looking for more free information about Tandem products.

Please note that everything is provided here on an as-is basis, and the author does not accept any liability, whatsoever. Though your comments may help make things better.

  • Wikipedia's Tandem Computers Page
    Very useful and pertinent information about the history of the Tandem Computers,  and heavily cross-linked to lots of relevant information

Home page of a Tandem Consultant. Has some free macros and other stuff which you can use

Home page of John Benson, a long time Tandem expert and a consultant. He is also an active and vocal participant at many Tandem related mail groups (like the Tandem_Computers Yahoo Group, which you can subscribe to at the bottom of this page), and ITUG forums

Some beginner level information about Tandem utilities

Again a personal website with some historical information about Tandem Computers

Good website with some free utilities and a newsletter

Some techical papers, including  Tandem NonStop for Beginners

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