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Over the years, I have created, or have been given, some TACL macros which may be (or may not be!) useful to you. Feel free to have a look, and let me know any comments you may have by contacting me.

Please note that everything is provided here on an as-is basis, and the author does not accept any liability, whatsoever. Though your comments may help make things better.

Spooler Macro
A very simple macro which shows you basic information about the specified spooler

A simple macro I got from someone's website (can't remember who) which can be used to display large characters on a Tandem terminal - May be useful for some heading/commenting at the top of a big program/macro, etc. Help available within the macro

A simple macro for converting Hexadecimal numbers to Decimal. Contributed by Partha Basak.


If you would like to contribute your stuff to this page, you can contact me by clicking here.

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