Lohgad and Visapur

It would be ideal to do both the fort climbings on a single day, especially considering that the Lohgadh climb is purely on the stairs, with some mild trail-walking thrown in if you wish to explore the medium sized fort at the top. While we were there, it was so foggy there was no view to be had from the top.

Occasionally, the clouds parted to give a glimpse of the height we were at, but other than that, the lashing rain had the better part of us. We braved it and went to the Durgah which is the highest point of the fort, and then climbed down through another route.

After having some snacks – roasted corn and cucumbers – we walked our way back to the start point/base of the Visapur fort. We left the car at the parking at Lohgadh itself to be sure it is safe…there’s not much organized parking around the Visapur fort barring the lone restaurant.

The climb to Visapur is unusual – and not something I had experienced before. It requires you to climb through the water stream, braving the water coming down the same route! Forget squeshy shoes, you need to be very careful not to slip on the stones that line the stream. For most part you will be climbing (and coming down too) on all fours to be sure you have a stable grip.

Just before your ascent is over, you will be rewarded with a view of the fort walls, extended to your right all the way to the look-out tower in the distance. Typically you would continue further along the wall to the look-out tower which will reward you with a great view of the surroundings, and a near-90 degree cliff! Be careful here…and stay way from the edge of the ground. The sight of the free fall is quite virtigo-inducing!

After our decent from Visapur, we had an alfresco lunch at the restaurant down – enjoying the view of the paddy fields and the two forts on either side. The restaurant also has a changing room, which is handy for trekkers.

Finishing lunch we headed back home with happy memories!

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