The mighty Himalayas – an ariel view! And Stok Kangri teaser

Somebody suggested in a blog post, and I cannot thank him enough, that it is preferred to book the ‘A’ seats when flying from Mumbai to Leh to get the best view of the Himalayas from the window.

We followed this advice and were amply rewarded with some of the best views of the crumpled-paper landscape of Himalayas for about 45 mins before landing into Leh!

Guess why we were going to Leh for the first time? To make an attempt at summiting Stok Kangri, the highest trekable peak in the Stok range of Himalayas surrounding Leh. We were there from 20th to 29th July 2018, and had among the best times of our lives!

Leh will always be a special place for me. For one, I celebrated my 40th birthday there, and secondly, I decided to restart my blog and share my experiences with the world while trekking to Stok Kangri. In fact, Stok Kangri was the first ever high altitude trekking I have ever attempted, with all my trekking hitherto being done in the Sahyadris!

Watch out for the Stok Kangri blog…

Edit: 20 Nov 2018

The Stok Kangri blog posts are now live! They are in 3 parts due to the details and pictures I wanted to cover.

Stok Kangri – Part 1

Stok Kangri – Part 2

Stok Kangri – Part 3

Happy reading!

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