Anybody for a gola tonight?

What is popularly known as gola (crushed ice candy dipped in a variety of syrups) is a popular dessert in Gujarat, especially the Saurashtra region. It comes in various levels of sophistication, from the humble ice lolly around a candy stick with just one flavor, to elaborate ones with malai, mawa and dry fruits, served in a dish and to be consumed with spoons (called ‘dish gola’). Since this isn’t something that can be made at home, it gives folks a reason (other than goti soda, paan and faakiJ) to step out with family after dinner and enjoy some cool breeze with lots of gossip with friends and family!

Did you know that nearly 100% of these silly-looking gola-making machines are made in Rajkot? Quite a monopoly that is, ain’t it?

And for the records, this snap was taken in Aurangabad!

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