How do we get better at …eating! Weekly Meal Planner for Indian vegetarian folks

We had guests at our home for dinner. And the TV played the Motilal Oswal ad, “When you focus on one thing, you master it”.

The discussion veered towards how, when doing one thing day-in and day-out, you keep getting better at it. Whether it is typing on a laptop, using Excel formulae, or having team meetings. Anand then commented, “We eat food from the very day we are born, pretty much to the end of our life, several times a day, but never seem to get better at it!”.

He then explained his comment, elaborating that, unlike other facets of our life, we do not incrementally learn, or make deliberate practice to get better at the choices we make about eating.

To this end, we devised the below ‘Weekly Menu Plan”. The ones we found on the internet did not have Indian/Vegetarian options, and this one is better because it allows us to also populate the weekly grocery shopping list, leaving that headache too out of the daily decision-making process!

weekly_meal _planner v1.1

Our family’s Sunday evenings now have a fixture – menu planning for the upcoming week, and it’s a family affair! What better way to get everybody together!

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