Innovative Journaling – ‘journals for a lifetime’ -review

This is a first hand review of the beautiful, and rugged, journals from Innovative Journaling, erstwhile Renaissance Art, after several years of ownership and daily usage!

Those of you who know me, know my love for genuine leather. For the last several years, this book has been my go-to journal cum notebook and stays with me at all times. It takes in the standard A5 refill or a standard A5 notebook/diary and is a joy to carry around.

The Soul Journal – the name says a lot!

And I have the following pocket passport-sized journal cover for the days I am travelling. It stays in the car glove-box or the car door pocket for the times when inspiration strikes or something worthy of noting shows up (like, an addition to bucket list of places to visit, some addition to the to-do list, or ideas for kids’ activities!). This is actually two “Thoughtslot” refills in a passport sized cover, and remains beautifully bulky, but still convenient to carry everywhere. I generally have a pen clipped in these pages to be sure they stay put together, and I am not left without a pen!

The passport sized ‘carry everywhere’ journal!

These journals, I can bet, would last well beyond me and the beauty and identity it provides me and my desk is invaluable.

Given a chance, and free international shipping 🙂 , I would order a few more of these from Arthur (the owner of Innovative Journaling) for my near ones, in a variety of colors! There are hardly any gifting ideas around that would last a life time. And guaranteed for life, even if your dog eats it!!!

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