The “Tsunamika” doll – a Pinkathon memorabilia!

The Tsunamika doll from Pinkathon

Pinkathon, probably the largest women-only half marathon event, is conducted every year in various cities in the country.

There’s a lot to look forward to in this event, not the least of which is a selfie opportunity with Milind Soman, but one thing that’s been a staple giveaway is this tiny doll that comes with a ribbon, allowing it to be worn like a medal!

Made by the ladies of an NGO Tsunamika, which is helping women impacted by the Tsunami, this is an inspiring reminder of what great work we can all do together, though a lot of work remains.

The doll herself is wearing a medal “I am a finisher”, and the door handle is an apt place baby T found for this. Reminds me of finishing any task that I leave home for!!!

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