Urby leather passport holder – a review

Those of you who know me, know my love for genuine leather. Besides the usual belts and wallets, for the last several years, I have used leather journals and you can read about them here.

I recently came across another company called Urby which makes genuine leather items, and promptly ordered – they only sell online at Urby.in – their passport holder – this is the only thing I didn’t have in leather yet. And am impressed with the quality of leather and the finesse of craftsmanship of the product. Unlike the journals above, it’s not handmade. That implies that the stitching is fine, flawless and sturdy at the same time, and there is an unusual softness and gloss to the leather that would only get better and develop a more personalized patina with years of usage, as in the case of above journals. Besides, the suppleness of the leather allows it to be imparted a chequered finish akin to carbon fiber! Truly a product that deserves to be shown-off!

The beautiful packaging the Urby passport holder comes in!


The beautiful chequered pattern looks so luxurious and supple to touch! A fine example of superb craftsmanship!

And above all, Urby is happy to customize it for you, allowing you to imprint your initials, at a location of your choice on the product. Here are my initials imprinted on the inside of the passport holder.

Just the right size for a passport and a few cards! Other options, and detailed recommendations of various products for various requirements, available on their site.


Notice the grain of the leather? And the debossing of the initials done using hot-stamping of metal letters?

And the best part is, unlike many other premium products, the cost of these products is quite affordable. This is caused by their unique business model where they not only design and manufacture in-house, but ship directly to you, thus eliminating all the middlemen who add to the cost.

The Urby model – direct to customer, allowing luxury products at affordable costs!

For a full list of options for passport holders, and other covers, checkout Urby’s full catalogue here.

Considering the quality of their products, and the customer-centric business model which allows you to enjoy significant savings for premium products, I wouldn’t hesitate reordering from them once my current belt gives way. Their belts are made from 100% full grain leather and should last me a good time! Checkout their site Urby.in for a wonderful collection of fine leather goods, including superb gifting options for men and women alike, including leather sling bags for ladies, and pen and cufflink boxes for men! Superb gifting ideas for the discerning folks.

Checkout Urby’s eclectic collection of men’s wallets, in various styles, here.

And the wallet collection for ladies here.

Have you had any experiences with Urby’s leather products? Given a chance, what product would you like them to include in their catalogue?





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