A hot weather trek to Kothaligad, Peth!

A few friends, a craving to get out into the nature, and a few youngsters out to get their first taste of trekking in the Sahyadris this weekend resulted in an impromptu trek to Kothaligad.

This is a beginners’ trek but the hot weather has made the trek incredibly hard! The initial few kms was walking up the incline through paths paved with fine brown dust. The village of Peth just under the base of the Kothaligad was a delight. We rested at the Hanuman temple and ventured on to the final climb – a very steep climb with rewarding panoramic views, and refreshing cool breeze at the top!

The dusty road that makes up the initial few km towards the base village of Peth
The sun in all its mid-day oppressive heat!
The view of the Kothaligad, enroute to the Peth village
The berries that we plucked from the thorny bushes!
The temple at the Peth village that is a center of all social interactions for the trekkers.
The steep final rocky climb post the base village
The fort in all its glory!
The carvings at the cave stop the mountain…and a shelter for trekkers.
A small cave temple
The steep climb, further on to the summit post the caves
Gavthi jevan – at a villagers house – a reward for a trek well done!

I wish to repeat this trek in the monsoons again. It would be all green and the views would be full of numerous waterfalls!

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