Murmuration – nature’s awe-inspiring spectacle!

On my way to Pandharpur this Christmas, we had to stop the car to watch this spectacle!

This dance in unison of these small birds was incredible because of the various formations it took and the directions in which it went, without any apparent leader taking the call!

It’s only later when we learnt upon Googling that this phenomenon is called murmuration and the little birdies are starlings!

And when they flew right overhead, their chirruping was clearly audible and pleasant, and it seemed these little creatures of God were having so much fun!

Have you ever witnessed murmuration? Or another phenomenon that swept you off your feet?

One thought on “Murmuration – nature’s awe-inspiring spectacle!

  1. I have not witnessed murmuring. But I can imagine the view you describe. Must be awesome. The fly formations would be related to the energy sharing w.r.t. the wind flows. Sure enough, they must be enjoying!! Nice pictures!

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