The Prabhupada Ghat, by Iskcon, on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River, Pandharpur

While the Vitthala Rukmani temple is the more historic one at Pandharpur, and the legend of Rukmani being cross with Krishna on this occasion, which led to separate temples for Vitthala and Rukmani here, is oft repeated, the Iskcon is doing great work to build beautiful ghats for the pilgrims to visit and take a dip in the nearby holy Chandrabhaga river.

The project has been going on for several years, and there are donation camps across various Iskcon temples for funding this project, it’s still far away from completion. However, the work that is completed gives one a good idea of the vision that will eventually materialize for these ghats.

A must visit on your next trip to Pandharpur for these ghats and the vegetable farm Iskcon has built on its land around the temple.

And of course, the temple and the Bhagvat Geeta courses there are amazing, the Govinda’s restaurant there leaves a lot to be desired.

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