The “Tsunamika” doll – a Pinkathon memorabilia!

Pinkathon, probably the largest women-only half marathon event, is conducted every year in various cities in the country. There's a lot to look forward to in this event, not the least of which is a selfie opportunity with Milind Soman, but one thing that's been a staple giveaway is this tiny doll that comes with … Continue reading The “Tsunamika” doll – a Pinkathon memorabilia!

2018 – my year of running. A retrospective.

2018 is the first year when I started formal coaching with Road Burners (under coach Dan and coach Melwyn) for running, and the first full year of taking running seriously. Running has been a cornerstone of my fitness journey for several years now, and it is only right to look back, reflect and raise a … Continue reading 2018 – my year of running. A retrospective.

8 must-have Rajasthani Foods

Rajasthan is for its rich and royal history, you will find many historically famous monuments here. You will not only be amazed by its royal culture and architect but also the different type of famous foods it offers. The Rajasthani food is world famous for its taste, presentation and uniqueness. It offers a range of … Continue reading 8 must-have Rajasthani Foods

Vasai Virar Marathon 2018 – a quick race recap!

Alright, so, honestly, I am always torn in the decision making of registering for the Vasai Virar Marathon. There have been issues in the last years' races where water support in the last few kms for the full marathon, with sun shining down brightly overhead, and the hot asphalt of the road radiating heat, was … Continue reading Vasai Virar Marathon 2018 – a quick race recap!