Anybody for a gola tonight?

What is popularly known as gola (crushed ice candy dipped in a variety of syrups) is a popular dessert in Gujarat, especially the Saurashtra region. It comes in various levels of sophistication, from the humble ice lolly around a candy stick with just one flavor, to elaborate ones with malai, mawa and dry fruits, served … Continue reading Anybody for a gola tonight?

View of Leh town from Shanti Stupa!

Most people during their stay in Leh would visit the Shanti Stupa, either to catch the beauty of a phenomenal sun-rise or sun-set, or to get acclimatized for the days ahead, trekking or otherwise. View of the Leh town from the height afforded by Shanti Stupa are amazing and makes the town feel beautiful and … Continue reading View of Leh town from Shanti Stupa!

The rustic beauty of Rumbak village in Leh

One of the many remote villages in Leh not connected by any road. Most trekkers would pass by this village enroute to Stok La or Stok Kangri. A mother carries her baby in a homemade baby-carrier on her back. Some of the houses also offer homestays. To benefit the entire village, the opportunity to host … Continue reading The rustic beauty of Rumbak village in Leh