Adani Ahmedabad Marathon 2019

This would be my first attempt at the Adani Ahmedabad Marathon. In fact, this is my first marathon run ever outside Mumbai, barring the Comrades event in South Africa, earlier this year! Company of friends, flat course and a promise of better - read, drier and cooler - weather than Mumbai made me take the … Continue reading Adani Ahmedabad Marathon 2019

Lakhota lake – the best place to run in Jamnagar!

A high quality synthetic track, a superbly clean path and no cattle blocking your way (!!) - makes the path around Lakhota lake, locally just known as Talaav, the best place to run in Jamnagar! The palace in the middle of the lake! One loop of the track is about 1.8 km and the course … Continue reading Lakhota lake – the best place to run in Jamnagar!

Running in Borivali National Park

The street running scene in Mumbai is generally pathetic. There are safety issues, and nobody looks forward to running through rotting garbage, mucky potholes, pavement dwellers and God forbid, aggressive stray dogs! In a city like this, the BNP comes as a savior. Officially called the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the only national park in … Continue reading Running in Borivali National Park

#DitchTheDisposable – an eco-experiment at a home birthday party!

Everybody knows (do they?) that plastic is not good for the planet. And there is so much focus on plastics that it is nauseating...from every little thing of packaging to how we carry our office tiffin! Heck...we even replaced some of our shampoo brands at home with shampoo bars from Earthy Sapo. And the fact … Continue reading #DitchTheDisposable – an eco-experiment at a home birthday party!