Sapiens – a book review

Do not let the start of the book betray the breadth and depth of the topics about us, humans, this book covers. And in great depth too. A good friend of mine gave up after reading the first few pages since he “wasn’t interested in evolutionary biology”! And you persist and are rewarded with a … Continue reading Sapiens – a book review

Dare to Run – a running book with a soul – by Amit Sheth

A beautiful, honest and superbly inspiring book by Amit Sheth for any runner, especially in Mumbai, owing to its relatability. This book chronicles the journey of Amit from a non-runner to an accomplished long-distance runner and multiple times Conrades finished - that holy grail of endurance running, covering a distance of 87+ km over 5 … Continue reading Dare to Run – a running book with a soul – by Amit Sheth

The power of Questions – Larry King

Larry King, while a celebrity in the US, is not a much known name in India. I first heard his name, and the story, in his audio book – How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: The Secrets of Good Communication – that was read by Larry himself. If you have ever read about Larry … Continue reading The power of Questions – Larry King