A hot weather trek to Kothaligad, Peth!

A few friends, a craving to get out into the nature, and a few youngsters out to get their first taste of trekking in the Sahyadris this weekend resulted in an impromptu trek to Kothaligad. This is a beginners' trek but the hot weather has made the trek incredibly hard! The initial few kms was … Continue reading A hot weather trek to Kothaligad, Peth!

“Suvela Machi” on the Rajgad fort

On the weekend of 6-7 Oct 2018, we did the Rajgadh and Torna trek from Pune. In summary, and a detailed blog should follow, we left Pune around 0730 and drove towards the Rajgadh base village - Gunjavane. Climbed Rajgadh and visited the various points on the fort (and there are quite a few to … Continue reading “Suvela Machi” on the Rajgad fort