Men at work…

One of my favorite pastimes in yesteryears was watching, and occassionally photographing, men at work. People at work, in all their sincerity, with all their skills and passions on display, is a sight to behold, and is a sight of hope for humanity.

Here are some snaps I have captured in those years.

The hand-pulled rickshow in some parts of Kolkata was a thing of novelty...but are now banned.
There’s something about these hand-pulled cycle rickshaws in Barra Bazaar in Kolkata…now religated to history!
Another hand-pulled rickshaw with tons of oil tins!
Hard physical labour is the way of life for migrant workers in Kolkata…hopefully these oil cans are empty!
The hardworking hand of the bus conductor, deftly handling the wad of cash...all in a day's work!
The bus conductor with his wad of cash…before the cash-less fad!
Kids have all the fun...and the smile says it all. Transplanting paddy in a field near Igatpuri.
This kid is having a great time transplanting the paddy in a field in Igatpuri, Maharashtra

My other favourites of men at work are the Mumbai dabbawallahs and the shoe-polish guys at the local train stations. What is your favourite sight of men at work?

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