Lakhota lake – the best place to run in Jamnagar!

A high quality synthetic track, a superbly clean path and no cattle blocking your way (!!) – makes the path around Lakhota lake, locally just known as Talaav, the best place to run in Jamnagar!

The palace in the middle of the lake!
The synthetic running track for pros and amateurs alike.
The various jarokhas that adorn the periphery of the lake

One loop of the track is about 1.8 km and the course is relatively flat.

The entry is free from 5 am till 7 am and then it’s charged at a very reasonable ₹10. There’s ample parking in front of Gate 1 of the lake.

Give it a spin the next time you are in the city!

2 thoughts on “Lakhota lake – the best place to run in Jamnagar!

    1. Ah! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful read too! Glad that you could visit the palace too! I couldn’t. And yes, we did go to the Bala Hanuman temple late night after dinner and participated in the chanting! Was fun!

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