Thursday thoughts – The Power of Coaching

While I have been running for all these years, 10+ years at this point, almost after every workout, especially speed and tempo workouts, I believed I had given enough of what I have in me. On a scale of 10, I would have rated myself 9!

It is only after joining formal coaching under coach Dan (Dan Zico, as he is widely known), that I realized my 9 was actually a 6! Not just on his scale, but by his assessment of my capabilities. And that is when I started to grow, slowly, but surely, towards my true 9!

If you are serious about quantum improvement in any aspect of your life, consider coaching. Life is too short to waste dabbling, and we owe it to ourselves to give our best shot to things we love! Relationships, career, sports…

Have you ever had coaching? What field, and what has been your experience?

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