Late night eating in Jamnagar at Hawai chawk

It was 1:30 in the morning when brother and I got to got back from attending a family affair, and realized we hadn’t had dinner. All the big places like Brahmania (for Gujarati thali) would have been closed by now and the options at this hour were limited to the ones at Hawai chauk… a place brother knew wouldn’t disappoint us!

Open, and bustling with activity nearly whole night, Hawai chauk is the place for late night eating in this city of Jam saheb.

The puri shaak, gathiya, plenty of papaya and cabbage sambhaar and hot friend green chilies. A proper dinner in Jamnagar with exceptional service and personal attention.

And it being very close to Sankranti, there was a vendor selling home made chikkies made from local and Kolhapur gur and peanuts, sesame and dried coconut. And a bit of sampling of each makes up for a sumptuous dessert 😀😀

And the dinner is not over until it’s followed by a Jamnagari kahwa, a concoction of lots of spices (he told us it’s 42 ingredients in all!) , salts, lemon and a Coffee-based brew from a hot copper pot!

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